Waterford Bible Church

is a community of people who have put their faith in Jesus Christ and seek to live out that faith on a daily basis.  We're not perfect and certainly do not have the attitude that we have arrived.  On the contrary, we see ourselves as a community of faith that is on a journey of grace.

One of the things that we understand about ourselves is that we are all broken and all need God's grace to become all that He wants us to be.  We've trusted His grace for salvation, knowing that we can do absolutely nothing to make ourselves fit to be part of His family, but that Jesus has done it all for us.  We continue to trust His grace day by day as we live out our faith in obedience to His Word and the work that His Spirit wants to accomplish in us and through us.

We trust His grace to help us be channels of His grace to all in our community whose paths we cross.

We're delighted to have you check out our website and invite you to come and discover with us what it truly means to be God's People ... in God's Place ... under God's Rule.