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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will get to know a little more about us as you check out various things on our website.  We want nothing more than to communicate God's love for you in a clear way and to help you enjoy the fullness of life and that Jesus promised to those who follow Him.  We are a community of people who know and love Jesus and are committed to the Bible which God has given to us so we can know ... 


We believe the best church is one that is made up of and ministers to every age group, displaying the diversity of individuals and unity of the group.  As a result, our worship style is what we call relevant and attempts to include something that is relevant to each age group rather than simply zero in on any particular age group. Our Sunday service is designed to be a celebration of our God, and we invite all to join us as we worship God together in singing, praying and learning from the Bible.  We meet at 10:30, dress casually and enjoy our time together.  It is our desire that everyone will feel welcome and comfortable to worship God as they are.  

We believe God put WBC in Waterford for a reason. Our folks come from different towns, but we are committed to providing ministry to the community of Waterford. 
While we believe it is absolutely critical for every true, born again follower of Jesus Christ to become an integral part of a local church, we don’t think that WBC is the only church in town.  We are committed to partnering and working together for the sake of God’s Kingdom in this community.  

We invite you to seriously pray and discover whether God is calling you to be part of this local Body of Christ.  If He is, then let us know how we can begin work together as ministers of reconciliation in this community for His glory.

If you have questions, concerns or challenges that you might be facing, and would like someone to speak with or pray with you, please contact us through our contact page 
and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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